Frequently Asked Questions


1.     Are your sugar cookies flavored?       "Yes!  My sugar cookies are almond flavored (and very yummy)." :)  

2.     Can I pay to have my order delivered?      "At this time I do not offer a delivery option. All orders can be picked up Monday - Friday in League City (77573) at a predetermined time. "

3.     Do you ship your cookies?     "As a home baker in Texas, I follow the regulations under the "Texas Cottage Food Law" and I, unfortunately, can not legally ship orders. 

4.     How will my cookies be packaged for pick up?     "Each cookie is heat sealed in a cellophane bag prior to being boxed in a white bakery box or cookie crate." 

5.     Can I see a sample of my cookie design before I confirm my order?     "I will use your theme, colors and inspiration to the best of my ability to design the best set for your event/party but the final design is up to me as the decorator to what I feel will work best within the medium of cookie decorating.  If you have "must haves" for your cookie set, they should be described in your order form." (i.e. I want the cow to be pink and white instead of black and white.)

6.    When can I schedule my pick up?     "Pick Ups are Monday - Friday ONLY! The week of your order, I will contact you to confirm what time you will be stopping by to ensure I am home. I am a busy mom of 3 so sticking to your pick up time is greatly appreciated!" 

7.     How do I pay for my order?    "Once your order details have been confirmed, I will send you a PayPal invoice to pay your balance.  The order must be paid within 48 hours to hold your spot on my calendar.  If the invoice is not paid, the spot will open back up to the next customer." 

8.     How early do I need to order my cookies?    "This answer varies based on the time of the year.  Typically, I book up 4 - 5 weeks in advance but my calendar books up faster during holiday months. You can view my availability on the Order Form page to see if I am available for your event.”